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Olney: Jose Abreu likely to get $70 million

Chung Sung-Jun

Jose Abreu is likely to get $70 million, Buster Olney writes:

Bidding on Cuba defector Jose Abreu is expected to be for a $70 million deal, sources say. White Sox, Astros, Rangers viewed as frontrunners.

Abreu would also make sense for the Pirates since, if his hitting is as advertised, he'd be an upgrade to a degree that would be hard for them to match elsewhere on the free agent market, at any position. He has what appears to be a ton of offensive upside Since he hasn't played in the U.S. system, though, and since he isn't as athletic as Yasiel Puig or Yoenis Cespedes, whether or not to sign him would be very scouting-dependent. I have no idea whether giving him $70 million would be a good idea or not.