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Tigers, Mariners likely to consider Lloyd McClendon for manager

Leon Halip

Jon Morosi writes that Lloyd McClendon is likely to be a candidate for both the Mariners and Tigers managerial jobs, with Eric Wedge abruptly quitting in Seattle and Jim Leyland retiring in Detroit.

Lloyd McClendon, who interviewed with Mariners for managerial job last time around, is expected to be a candidate in Seattle again.

Lloyd McClendon also is likely to get consideration for Tigers job.

McClendon wasn't a very good manager for the Pirates, but that's in the past now. Jim Tracy's tenure probably makes me remember McClendon more fondly than I should. In 2011, WTM wrote a definitive post on the Pirates' post-Jim Leyland managers. In short, McClendon handled pitchers well, avoiding subjecting young starters to injury risk. Like Clint Hurdle, McClendon also did a good job sticking up for his players. He was poor tactically, however. Maybe he would be better now, though, and it's hard to judge someone too harshly when his task was to play the hand Dave Littlefield dealt him.