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A.J. Burnett to take 'a week or so' to consider retirement

David Maxwell

A.J. Burnett gave an interview this morning in which he sounds genuinely torn about whether to return next season. He enjoys spending time with his kids, he says, and he doesn't feel he has anything to prove.

I've done enough. I've got a couple rings. More importantly to me, I've helped guys in the last two years of my career that I never thought I could. ... I never thought I had that in me. The Pittsburgh Pirates brought that out. ...

I'm in no rush to make my decision. I'm not going to prolong it forever, but I'm going to take a week or so and try to figure some things out.

Here's hoping he comes back, obviously. He's very much at the top of his game right now, and if he were to return, it would make the Pirates' offseason decisions a lot easier, because I'm sure he would come more cheaply than anyone comparable they might pursue on the free agent market or elsewhere.