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Marte, Martin, McCutchen named Gold Glove finalists

Brian Kersey

Starling Marte, Russell Martin and Andrew McCutchen have been named Gold Glove finalists. The other finalists at left field are Carlos Gonzalez and Eric Young, Jr. At catcher, the other finalists are A.J. Ellis and Yadier Molina. And at center, they're Carlos Gomez and Denard Span.

Marte and Martin deserve to win Gold Gloves. Marte's defense in PNC's big left field was a underrated component of the Pirates' success, and Martin's defensive season was nothing short of amazing. I'm not sure about McCutchen, and I'd probably give the award to Gomez. But McCutchen had a much better defensive season than last year, doing a much better job on balls hit deep, perhaps in part because he was better positioned. It's nice to see McCutchen get some recognition, even though Juan Lagares of the Mets may have gotten robbed a bit here.