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Angels would trade Mark Trumbo for pitching

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

The Angels would trade Mark Trumbo for pitching, Buster Olney writes. I'm not sure this tells us much we didn't already know, but it suggests yet again that the Pirates have what it takes to get Trumbo if they want him. Like I wrote last week, Trumbo isn't worth dealing a top prospect. But with a tough free agent market, Trumbo might provide the Pirates with an upgrade that would be tough to find elsewhere. He'd hit beneath Pedro Alvarez in the Pirates' order, providing the Bucs with a tandem that would at times be maddening to watch, due to all the strikeouts. But they'd hit a ton of long home runs.

Olney also writes that the Angels would be willing to trade Peter Bourjos, who's a more interesting player to me, due to his defense. It's too bad that the Pirates' need is less glaring in the outfield than it is at first.