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Neal Huntington finishes second in Executive of the Year voting

Jared Wickerham

Neal Huntington finished second in MLB Executive of the Year voting, behind Ben Cherington of the Red Sox. The award was decided by the votes of 31 big-league executives.

I'm not really sure what this award is supposed to measure, and I suppose I can't complain too much, because I think it's far from clear that Huntington is an elite GM. It's also worth pointing out that Dayton Moore got four of the 31 votes, which means at least three people besides Andrew Friedman gave him one. So this isn't an award we should take too seriously.

If this award is supposed to measure GM performance over the last 12 months, though, I'm not sure how Huntington didn't get it. The Red Sox won the World Series, but the voters know as well as anyone that what happens after you get to the playoffs is f***ing luck -- I'm sure one of them may have even said that once, under his breath. The Red Sox won three more regular-season games than the Pirates with a payroll twice as big. Huntington also fleeced Cherington in the Mark Melancon deal last offseason. But whatever. I'm sure Huntington doesn't care, and neither should you.