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Gregory Polanco, Jameson Taillon top BA's 2014 Pirates top 10 list


There's been a fanpost up about this for the past few days, but now we can all see Baseball America's top 10 list for ourselves. Gregory Polanco tops the list, with Jameson Taillon coming in second. Clearly, it's an extremely deep top 10, with very young, very interesting young talents in Reese McGuire, Harold Ramirez and Luis Heredia rounding out the bottom. (For those asking, the note in the essay about free agency dates for Neil Walker, Pedro Alvarez and Starling Marte is wrong -- Walker and Alvarez are eligible for free agency after the 2016 season, while Marte is currently eligible after the 2018 season.)

There's also a terrific article by Travis Sawchik about Rene Gayo's signings of players like Polanco and Starling Marte. There's an eye-opening quote in there from Nationals international scouting director Johnny DiPuglia about Gayo's willingness to go to poor areas to find talent.

"A lot of guys won’t do that. They won’t stay at hotels with no cable, no TV, dirty running water. I’ve done it. I try to avoid it now. I’ve done it plenty of times. I got tired of getting bacteria in my stomach."

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