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Minor league free agent list

Okay, this might not be the most exciting thing that happens all year, but who knows, the next Garrett Jones might be on the list.  If he is, I'm sure Vlad will find him.

The Pirates' free agents are as follows:

RHP: David Bromberg (AA), Brooks Brown (AAA), Erik Cordier (AAA), Jason Erickson (Hi A), Graham Godfrey (AAA), Doug Mathis (AAA), Luis Sanz (AA), Kyle Waldrop (AAA), Kurt Yacko (R)
LHP: Dan Cevette (AA), Jhonathan Ramos (AA), Atahualpa Severino (AAA)
C: Francisco Diaz (Lo A), Devin Ivany (Hi A), Lucas May (AAA), Miguel Perez (AA), Ali Solis (AA)
1B: Russ Canzler (AAA)
2B: Ivan De Jesus Jr. (AAA), Oscar Tejeda (AA)
3B: Jared Goedert (AAA)
SS: Brian Bocock (AAA)
OF: Brett Carroll (AAA), Miles Durham* (Lo A), Darren Ford (AAA), Anthony Norman* (Hi A)

(Norman and Durham are actually coaches, but they get listed for some technical reason or other.)

I thought Erik Cordier might be a candidate to be added to the 40-man roster, but he probably killed too many mascots, which might have created liability issues.  I thought Ivan De Jesus should be a candidate, but it was very clear all year that they had no interest in him.