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Andrew McCutchen, Pedro Alvarez win Silver Slugger awards


Andrew McCutchen and Pedro Alvarez have won Silver Slugger awards. I'm grumpy, I guess, but I have little to say about this -- MLB's decision to stretch its award presentations over the entire offseason has already become pretty annoying. McCutchen deserves the award, clearly, because he's the bestest, but you don't need me to tell you that.

Alvarez beat out David Wright (who missed a third of the season and still was about five times as valuable at the plate as Alvarez was), Chris Johnson, Ryan Zimmerman ... and, oh, what the heck, even Juan Uribe. Your Silver Slugger winner at third base is a guy who hit worse than Juan Uribe. Alvarez's power is thrilling, obviously, but the guy posted a .296 OBP. There isn't even a reasonable case to be made that he was the best offensive third baseman in the NL this year. The only way to do it is to pretend that home runs and RBIs are the only statistics that matter.

I'm sure someone on Twitter is going to accuse me of saying home runs don't matter. Do it, tweeters! Twitterers! Twitaculars! Show the world how dumb I am! I bet someone is going to accuse me of saying RBIs don't matter, too. Well, actually, that one I'll give them.

Anyway, I guess I should be pleased. Feel free to ignore me, and raise your glass to Alvarez's hitting if you must. But I'd rather the right people win these awards, whether they're from my favorite team or they aren't. Clint Barmes should have won a Gold Glove last year. Pedro Alvarez doesn't deserve a Silver Slugger this year. Oh well.