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Links: Burnett, Martin, Mariners, Martin Perez


-P- Ken Davidoff predicts that, this winter, the Pirates will get A.J. Burnett and Marlon Byrd, both on one-year contracts, for a total of $19 million. Yes, please!

-P- Being a Mariners fan sounds really depressing right now. It's like being a Pirates fan in, oh, 2006, but with the option of spending a bunch of money on Jacoby Ellsbury just for the heck of it. Which I guess is better than begin a Pirates fan in 2006, but I'd argue it isn't by much.

-P- Unsurprisingly, Stephen Drew will decline the Red Sox' qualifying offer.

-P- Russell Martin won some fielding award I'm not sure I've heard of, but at least he's deserving. After Andrew McCutchen, Martin was arguably the Pirates' second-most-valuable player in 2013, and his defense was the biggest reason why.

-P- The Rangers signed Martin Perez to a bargain contract -- four years and $12.5 million, plus three team options. This is why it's a good idea to lock up promising players very early in their careers. Perez was on the same arbitration / free agency timetable as Starling Marte; I'm still hopeful that the Pirates will sign Marte sometime relatively soon.