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Pirates rumors: Bucs continue discussing James Loney

Kelvin Kuo-USA TODAY Sports

The Pirates have "revived" their talks about adding James Loney, Buster Olney writes. I've written about Loney plenty, and there are only so many times I can do it before the English language runs out of words and I'm forced to communicate by pounding the keyboard and making simian grunting noises. ERFKSDL SDFSD:FLKJ alskdfjwwwaeraer04w589askldfjgdxgoozrfvzdfkkberlu. Do something, Pirates! It doesn't even have to be something smart! I just want something to write about so that I'm not regurgitating the same names every three days!

In any case, Pirates fans heard last night that the Blue Jays asked for Neil Walker in return for Adam Lind, and there have also been rumors of the Diamondbacks paying a price for Mark Trumbo that includes Tyler Skaggs. In that context, signing James Loney starts to seem like a very good idea.