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Pirates, Brewers, Mariners involved in pursuit of Logan Morrison

Jonathan Daniel

The Pirates, Brewers and Mariners are among the "hottest" teams in pursuit of the Marlins' Logan Morrison, Ken Rosenthal reports. Rob Biertempfel wrote yesterday that the Pirates had "mild" interest in Morrison. I look forward to Jon Heyman's report tomorrow that the Pirates' interest is "verde," which will finally prove that some blabbermouth in the Pirates' front office really just wants Taco Bell.

Anyway, the Pirates and Brewers both need a first baseman, and the Mariners need more guys who get RBIs but aren't very good at baseball, so I suppose this makes sense. As I've written a couple times before, though, I hope the Pirates can do better than Morrison, who's coming off two straight bad seasons. Maybe his age and 2010 and 2011 seasons indicate there's some upside there, but someone who can play a bit of defense would have a much higher floor than Morrison does.