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Pirates interested in Johan Santana

The Star-Ledger-USA TODAY Sports

Andrew Marchand (via Jason Shetler) reports that the Pirates are one of about a million teams who have shown interest in Johan Santana.

Santana, of course, has had a ton of shoulder trouble since 2010, which is the last time he pitched something close to a full season. Marchand reports that Santana's agent has said that Santana could sign immediately if a team makes an offer that distinguishes it from other teams who have expressed interest. Reading between the lines, that probably means offering a big-league deal, which I'm not sure any team will do. I certainly don't think the Pirates should, at least not without a great scouting report. Santana will be 35 in March, and even before the shoulderpocalypse, he was showing signs of decline with the Mets, as his peripheral stats started to go south all the way back in 2008, and his velocity started to dwindle in 2007. A fly ball pitcher with an unspectacular K:BB ratio is nothing special, and the only way he can even be that is if he stays healthy.