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Pirates close to reaching agreement with Clint Barmes


Buster Olney reports that the Pirates are on the verge of re-signing Clint Barmes. This is no surprise, of course -- Barmes will likely be back on a cheap one-year deal to complement Jordy Mercer. Assuming the cost isn't prohibitive, and it shouldn't be, this is a good move, since Mercer and Barmes can form a sort of offense/defense platoon. Barmes' now-expired two year deal with the Pirates was much-maligned, but he still produced 1.6 WAR in those two years, thanks to his excellent defense. Barmes was a big part of his pitchers' success over that period, and he will likely continue to be, particularly with ground-ball guys like Charlie Morton and Mark Melancon in the fold.

UPDATE: Barmes will make just $2 million, which is a very good deal.