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Jason Kubel to sign with Twins

David Richard-USA TODAY Sports

Jason Kubel will sign with the Twins, Jon Heyman writes. Kubel had briefly been connected with the Bucs, but I would seriously doubt that the Pirates were ever actually all that interested in him. He's a born DH, and he didn't hit at all last year, which is a bad, bad combination. His deal to return to the Twins is a minor-league contract. In the last thread involving Kubel, someone suggested signing him to a minor-league deal and sending him to Indianapolis to play first base, which I thought was interesting, but instead he'll head back to a familiar organization.

In other 1B/OF news, the Brewers and Mets are still discussing an Ike Davis deal, but the Brewers don't want to give up Tyler Thornburg, as they shouldn't.