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Pirates DFA Jerry Sands and Ryan Reid


According to some guy at MLBTR, the Pirates, having officially announced the signings of Edinson Volquez and Clint Barmes, have DFA'd Sands and Reid.  Going into 2013, Sands looked like a real possibility for the Pirates' right field job, but his hitting completely collapsed in AAA.  Reid had a big first half for Indianapolis and pitched decently in a short callup, but he had a terrible second half back in AAA and wasn't called back up in September.

Reid is eligible for minor league free agency, so I think he'll become a free agent if he clears waivers.  Sands is not and has not been DFA'd before, so the Pirates should be able to outright him to AAA if he clears waivers.  Of course, I'm frequently wrong about these things.