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Links: A.J. Burnett, first base options

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

I wrote a bunch of Pirates-related stuff for MLBTR tonight:

-P- The Orioles are interested in A.J. Burnett. Burnett lives about a half-hour north of Baltimore. There's no indication, however, that he's interested in playing for them instead of the Pirates.

-P- Here's a big article on the remaining first-base options now that James Loney is gone. Adam Lind and Mike Carp (well, and Matt Adams, who the Pirates aren't getting) appear to be the best choices. Carp might be the best option in terms of his talent and his team's likely willingness to trade him -- Lind still has a starting position with the Jays, whereas Carp doesn't have one with the Sox. There's also Eric Chavez, who I think would be a good under-the-radar choice. Then there's young-ish but underwhelming players like Justin Smoak, Mitch Moreland and Ike Davis, and below those guys, there's veterans like Kevin Youkilis and Mark Reynolds. The Brewers and Astros are also known to be looking for first basemen.

-P- The Pirates made the Edinson Volquez and Clint Barmes signings official, which is why they designated Ryan Reid and Jerry Sands for assignment earlier tonight.

-P- The Pirates signed utilityman Michael Martinez, formerly of the Phillies, to a minor-league deal. It's incredibly unlikely he'll receive significant playing time at the big-league level.