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Pirates must decide on tenders for Travis Snider, Michael McKenry, others


Monday night at 11:59 is the deadline for teams to decide which of their arbitration-eligible players will be tendered contracts. Here's the list of arbitration-eligibles and their projected salaries:

Garrett Jones (4.158): $5.3MM
Neil Walker (3.166): $4.8MM
Pedro Alvarez (3.085): $4MM
Charlie Morton (5.010): $3.9MM
Mark Melancon (3.098): $3MM
Gaby Sanchez (4.025): $2.3MM
Travis Snider (3.091): $1.4MM
Michael McKenry (2.136, Super Two): $900K
Vin Mazzaro (3.021): $800K

Jones, of course, has already been designated for assignment, so the decision on him has already been made. He's in DFA limbo right now, though, and is still technically a member of the Pirates organization. The Pirates may still technically have to non-tender him. In any case, obviously, they won't be tendering him a contract.

Walker, Alvarez, Morton and Melancon are no-brainers, and Sanchez and Mazzaro appear likely to be tendered as well. (Alvarez had a $700,000 option that he was allowed to void if he was arbitration-eligible, and that's what he did, as expected.) That leaves Snider and McKenry. The acquisition of Jaff Decker suggests pretty strongly that Snider will be non-tendered, although, at $1.4 million, he's cheap enough that the Pirates could tender him just to take another look at him in spring training, then cut him later.

McKenry, clearly, is coming off a terrible and injury-plagued season, but he'll only cost a little more than the minimum in arbitration, and he has an option left. It might make sense for the Pirates to go ahead and tender him, then send him to Indianapolis as an insurance policy in case anything goes wrong with Russell Martin or Tony Sanchez. It wouldn't surprise me if the Pirates non-tendered him either, however, particularly if they have reason for concern about his knee issues.