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Rangers to sign Shin-Soo Choo

Jared Wickerham

For seven years and $130 million. Not that the Reds were ever really perceived to be serious bidders for Choo, but this settles it -- they'll probably be worse next season. As much attention as we pay to the Cardinals, it's worth noting that the Reds won 90 games last year and were no slouches themselves. Choo produced 5.2 WAR for them in 2013, thanks to his .423 on-base percentage. Given the ridiculous value Billy Hamilton provides on the bases, and perhaps also on defense, there's reason for the Reds to hope the drop-off won't be that steep, particularly given that Choo shouldn't have been playing center field. But offensively, they'll be losing a ton.

The Rangers are now likely out of the bidding for Nelson Cruz, and it's now unclear where he'll end up. Maybe the Mariners just won't be able to help themselves.