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Gregory Polanco wins MVP of Dominican Winter League


... And Rookie of the Year, too. Polanco hit .331/.428/.494, playing against much older competition. It's not entirely clear what that means -- it was only 166 at bats, and Neal Huntington recently said (I forget where) that the one time he saw Polanco this winter, he was facing a pitcher who threw 83 MPH.

Still, this is more great news for Polanco. Huntington also said at PirateFest that Polanco's game doesn't have many weaknesses. His broad skill set, ability to control the strike zone, athleticism, youth, and physique all bode very, very well for him, and there will be plenty of buzz about him heading into spring training. The Pirates will send him to Indianapolis anyway, and even disregarding service-time issues, he can probably use more seasoning against upper-level pitching. As prospects go, though, Polanco is a great bet.