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Pirates rumors: Bucs love Mike Napoli, still unlikely to sign him

Rob Carr

Nick Cafardo of the Boston Globe tweets that the Pirates think Mike Napoli is ideal for them at first base. They don't appear likely to sign him however, given the money involved.

I don't doubt Cafardo's reporting for a second, but this doesn't tell us much that we couldn't have guessed. Of what remains of the first base free-agent class, Napoli is clearly the gem -- he was almost four wins above replacement with the Red Sox last year, and he just turned 32 and has a very consistent record of hitting for power, so he's a decent bet to continue to be productive for the next couple of years. Even before this year's rather crazy free-agent market, though, MLBTR predicted that Napoli would get three years at $14 million per year, and we all know how the Pirates apparently feel about paying $14 million per year.