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Rockies to overpay Justin Morneau


The Rockies have agreed to sign Justin Morneau for two years and $13 million, because they needed a first baseman and ... yeah, I've got nothing. ZiPS has Morneau producing 1.4 WAR over the life of that contract, which means that either ZiPS is way wrong or the Rockies are paying $10 million a win.

In any case, you can pretty easily see Morneau putting up passable-looking numbers in Colorado and Pirates fans getting upset that the Bucs didn't re-sign him. And maybe Morneau does have some gas left in the tank -- we'll see! To paraphrase a joke Rob Neyer made many years ago, Justin Morneau is a man in his thirties; as a man in my thirties who doesn't want to believe his best days are in the past, I'm rooting for him. But I don't think the Rockies are getting much here, and I hope the Pirates can do better.

Morneau didn't hit much in his brief tenure with the Pirates, but we'll always have this. Happy trails, Justin.