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Marlins about to sign Garrett Jones; Logan Morrison a bad trade target for Pirates

Greg Fiume

The Marlins are about to sign Garrett Jones to replace Logan Morrison at first base. This has led to some speculation about the Pirates potentially trading for Morrison.

I don't know how smart the Marlins are as an organization now that Larry Beinfest is gone, but let's think about this: If Garrett Jones was so bad this year that the Pirates don't want him anymore, and the Marlins are about to replace Logan Morrison with Garrett Jones, why would the Pirates want Logan Morrison?

Okay, he's left-handed. He's hit for good power in the past, and he'd probably rebound somewhat next year. He'd also be a bit cheaper than Jones. But Morrison was similar to Jones last year, but worse. He's bad defensively at first or in a corner outfield spot. He didn't really hit much last year. He posted -0.6 WAR last year, while Jones was at -0.2. When the Pirates let Jones go. not many of us minded, and none of us should have.

After two straight bad seasons, it's not even immediately obvious that Morrison is an upgrade over Jones. Yes, Morrison has platoon splits. Nearly every player does. The Pirates should be able to find someone who has them while also providing a legit bat at first base, or at least not being a butcher in the field. The Pirates can do better, or at least I hope they can.