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Mariners' situation apparently a complete mess

Otto Greule Jr

This might be the juiciest piece of journalism about baseball I've read all year. You've got to read it -- it's a barn-burner. Geoff Baker of the Seattle Times got former Mariners manager Eric Wedge and special assistant Tony Blengino, among others, to go on the record about the Mariners' situation, and it's a spectacular mess. There are too many amazing passages to quote here. Read it. Go.

And then read this article from 2007, which names Jack Zduriencik and Ruben Amaro as potential candidates for the Pirates' GM job. We should thank the heavens that neither of those things happened. (The Pirates apparently didn't interview Amaro, which was astute, or lucky, of them.)

That last paragraph suggests a comparison between Zduriencik and Neal Huntington, but that isn't really the point. Most GMs are more competent than Zduriencik and Amaro. Huntington isn't the only one. But Wedge's complimentary mentions of the Cleveland Indians in Baker's article are pretty telling, I think -- Huntington worked in Cleveland when Wedge was the Indians' manager.

Remember Navy SEAL-gate, or whatever, from last offseason? The contrast between that story and this one couldn't be more stark (no pun intended). The Pirates are far from perfect, but no one has ever reported anything that makes them sound anything like the Mariners do here.

Oh, and also, the next managerial job Lloyd McClendon takes with a well-run organization will be his first. Poor guy.