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Pirates considering Adam Lind, Logan Morrison trade possibilities

Tom Szczerbowski

The Pirates are considering Adam Lind and Logan Morrison as trade options, Jon Morosi reports.

I wrote about Lind here and Morrison here, so I'll try not to repeat myself too much. The Cliffs Notes: Lind and Morrison are both left-handed first base options who could platoon with Gaby Sanchez. They both stink defensively. There's a better chance Lind will make up for his defense with good hitting, but he'll probably also cost more to acquire. Morrison has had two straight sub-replacement-level seasons, and the Pirates need to figure out if those were mostly injury-driven or if he just peaked really early. Unfortunately, his defense is so bad that it might not matter much -- he hit .247/.330/.468 in 123 games in 2011 but was still less than a win above replacement because of his defense. That's the problem with struggling sluggers like this -- Jason Kubel falls into the same category. Even if their hitting returns, it only matters so much, because they cost so many runs with the glove.

And now I've mentioned these guys' defense like eight times in about 100 words, right after I said I'd try not to repeat myself. Sorry! Anyway, I like the Lind idea better than the Morrison one.