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Jason Grilli blames 'bloggers' for taking remarks out of context


Jason Grilli is back, blaming "the bloggers and the podcasters" for taking his comments to Jon Morosi about the Pirates' trade-deadline performance "out of context."

I was a little torn about whether to even bother writing about Grilli's latest comments. They don't elucidate what he was saying one whit, I doubt anyone really cares, and pretty much everyone knows that, 99 percent of the time, "I was taken out of context" really just means "I wish I hadn't said that" (or, more charitably, "I should have said that differently"). I provided a link to Morosi's column and blockquoted about as much of Grilli's comments as I could have. The entire published context of Grilli's remarks was widely available. If Grilli feels like he was taken out of context (and I'm sure he wasn't), he should take that up with Morosi, not with "bloggers."

Anyway, Grilli today:

There was no knock against management. I can be very clear and direct about that. There was never anything about, 'Well, Neal should have done this, Neal should have done that.' My quotes were not that."

Yes. They were. Grilli to Morosi:

It’s just when you’re winning, it’s like, ‘Dude, do you want to go for the gusto here? Do you want to go for the jugular?’ … Pull the trigger. Do you want to win? Do you want to change?

“As a player, it’s like, ‘Come on. Let’s see. Give us the pieces.’ Last year, the names being thrown around were (Hunter) Pence, (Shane) Victorino, Upton. … If anybody’s going to do it, you’d think a team that hasn’t won and is in first place would be the first to do it. Let’s not wait.”

"Pull the trigger"? "Give us the pieces"? "Let's not wait"? If that's not saying what Neal Huntington should have done, I'm not sure what would be.

Anyway, this is all silly-season stuff. None of this will matter in a week. I'm sure Jason Grilli's a good guy who has a good relationship with the organization overall, since, as he points out, he re-signed with the Bucs. And this website has been awfully enthusiastic about Grilli as a player. But for Grilli to blame "bloggers" for, well, noticing what he said isn't fair, and it doesn't make a lot of sense.