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Pirates release minor-league spring training roster

Justin K. Aller

Tim has the roster for minor-league spring training. Most years, the release of this roster reveals a few oddities that the hardest of hardcore fans would care about, but I'm having trouble finding them this year. Gavi Nivar, formerly a toolsy outfielder who couldn't really hit, evidently is now a coach. The roster also includes a 21-year-old Dominican shortstop named Enyel Vallejo who's an unknown, along with a bunch of new players from Latin America. Julio de la Cruz and Michael de la Cruz, last year's big-bonus players, are not among them, although, as Tim points out, that doesn't necessarily mean much right now. (Besides, Michael, at least, is still just 16, so it wouldn't be a shock to see him stay in the Dominican this year. Catcher Yoel Gonzalez, who got the third-biggest bonus the Pirates gave last year and who's also still just 16, isn't on the roster either.)