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Roundup: Kevin Millwood retires

Otto Greule Jr

Happy Super Bowl Sunday, everyone. Obviously, we don't expect many baseball moves today, but here's a roundup:

-P- Kevin Millwood has retired after 16 seasons in the bigs. Millwood had become a fifth-starter-for-hire in the last few years of his career, so it's faintly surprising that he was never a Pirate, instead spending the last years of his career with the Orioles, Rockies and Mariners (and the Yankees and Red Sox, for whom he pitched a bunch of minor-league games in 2011). The end of his career wasn't great, but Braves and Indians fans should remember him fondly. (He only pitched one season for Cleveland, but it was a really good one.) He pitched a no-hitter in 2003 and six innings of another last season.

-P- I tweeted it yesterday, but if you missed it, this is a really good interview with Mark Teixeira about declining and being overpaid.

-P- Brian Cashman says Bill James deserves Hall of Fame consideration.

-P- After a short break, Kevin Kraczkowski continues with his Pirates All-Time Top 100 series. Bobby Bonilla is the most recent entry, at No. 50.