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Pirates host Blue Jays, cut 11


The Pirates will likely make some cuts Wednesday. The first round of cuts tends not to be particularly interesting -- the only players to be cut are typically guys who had no shot at making the team anyway. But there's so little actual news in spring training, so I'm definitely going to act like it's Christmas for nerds. Team makes minor judgment about irrelevant player! Yay!

If you missed it, I outline the Pirates' position battles here. It's pretty unlikely that any of those guys will be cut.

Anyway, the Pirates take on the Blue Jays at 1:05. Lineups and such as I get them. And yes, the photo above is Travis Snider, as a Blue Jay, sliding under Pedro Alvarez's tag. Pirates. Blue Jays. In Florida. SB Nation's photo database. Deal with it.

UPDATE: The Pirates have cut Clint Robinson, Matt Hague, Hunter Strickland, Vic Black, Stolmy Pimentel, Erik Cordier, Lucas May and Duke Welker. The only one of these I find mildly surprising is Robinson, and that's only because he was cut so quickly.

UPDATE: The Bucs also cut Jameson Taillon, Jerry Sands and Anderson Hernandez. A couple months ago, I thought Sands would get a shot at a job, but it became pretty clear, once camp opened, that he was behind Travis Snider and Jose Tabata for the right field opening.

UPDATE: Darren Ford was also cut.

UPDATE: Lucas May seems not to have been cut, so we're back to 11: Robinson, Hague, Strickland, Black, Pimentel, Cordier, Welker, Taillon, Sands, Hernandez and Ford.

UPDATE: Here's the Pirates' lineup.

Starling Marte LF
Russell Martin C
Andrew McCutchen CF
Gaby Sanchez 1B
Pedro Alvarez 3B
Neil Walker 2B
Travis Snider RF
Clint Barmes SS
James McDonald P