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Pirates looking for catchers, Peter Gammons says


Peter Gammons tweets that the Pirates are looking for "experienced catching." The Pirates are set for catching at the major-league level, with Russell Martin and Michael McKenry, so if the Bucs were to acquire another catcher, it wouldn't be a major-leaguer. They've also got a reasonable third catching option in Tony Sanchez.

But their next guy, Ali Solis, has back spasms and hasn't caught in two weeks, and their next guy after that, Lucas May (above), is coming off a miserable year in Triple A. There's also a career Double A backup named Devin Inany who's been around so long, he was drafted by the Expos -- out of college. After that, there's not much. Especially after the seven-catcher debacle of 2011, it's clear why the Pirates would be interested in grabbing another catcher to stash at Indianapolis.