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James McDonald, Pirates face Red Sox


Here's the Pirates' lineup as the take on the Red Sox at 1:05:

Starling Marte CF
Felix Pie LF
Russell Martin C
Pedro Alvarez 3B
Neil Walker 2B
Gaby Sanchez 1B
Brad Hawpe RF
Ivan DeJesus SS
James McDonald P

Jason Grilli, Mark Melancon and Chris Leroux are all available to pitch.

-P- Russell Martin talks about how he didn't end up with back with the Yankees, and about A.J. Burnett's role with the Bucs.

-P- Over at MLBTR, I did a post on the most one-sided trade in the past decade. Two Pirates trades are in there -- see if you can guess which ones.

-P- The Nationals released former Pirate Chris Snyder, and he signed with the Angels about three seconds later.

UPDATE: The game evidently will not begin on time.