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Jeanmar Gomez pitches poorly again as Pirates lose to Tigers

Ronald Martinez

The Pirates lost 4-1 to the Tigers today, and it feels like it's been a while since they've won. Naturally, there's no real story here, but if there's been one this spring, it's been that some of the pitchers on the fringes of the roster have done little to prove they belong. That includes Jonathan Sanchez, as well as Jeanmar Gomez, who started today. Gomez went three innings and allowed three walks and all four earned runs. He now has five walks and eight runs in his first 4.1 innings this spring. Even that is only 4.1 innings, of course, and now I think I've got four pictures of him on the front page, which isn't entirely fair to him, as bad as he's been.

The Pirates' relievers (Mike Zagurski, Mark Melancon, Jared Hughes, Vin Mazzaro and Ryan Reid) pitched five hitless innings after that, but the offense didn't do much of anything, with just five hits, all singles.