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Jonathan Sanchez, Pirates pitch their way to scoreless tie


The Pirates tied the Orioles 0-0 in 10 innings, as Jonathan Sanchez pitched five scoreless innings. Ryan Reid (yes, Ryan Reid is still in the house) then pitched two of his own, followed by one from Chris Leroux and two from Justin Wilson. Meanwhile, the Pirates' offense struck out nine times against Jake Arrieta. Just yesterday the Pirates were playing an 18-9 game. It can be amazing what a difference a day makes.

Travis Snider went 2-for-2 with two walks, and Neil Walker also had two hits.

Anyway, I'll just admit upfront that there's no way Jonathan Sanchez is going to win with me. If he puts up bad numbers in spring training, I'll be happy to call him out on it; if he puts up great ones, I'll point out that spring training stats don't matter. His regular-season numbers last year were so bad that he shouldn't be in the running for a rotation spot. If he's willing to accept an assignment to Indianapolis, though, it would be great to see him pitch his way back into the picture after a couple months there.