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Jonathan Sanchez, Brandon Inge make Pirates

Ed Zurga

Jonathan Sanchez will be part of the Pirates' rotation, Michael Sanserino writes. Brandon Inge will also be part of the team, although he has a sore shoulder and may have to start the season on the disabled list.

As I've written before, I understand the Sanchez decision, and I think he has a bit more upside than the typical NRI. As for Inge, whether or not he's on the bench doesn't really matter much. Still, I hate to see these two guys make the team, in that I don't like rooting for past-their-prime veterans. As a fan, these are tough moves to take, because the Pirates really should be past this. It's a shame that the Pirates don't really have better options than Sanchez right this moment, and it's a shame that they evidently don't have enough faith in Jordy Mercer or Ivan DeJesus to pass on acquiring John McDonald and Brandon Inge. At least as far as the roster construction is concerned, this has been a much more depressing spring training than I anticipated.