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Pirates DFA Hunter Strickland, Clint Robinson


The Pirates have added Jonathan Sanchez and Brandon Inge to their 40-man roster today, and have designated Hunter Strickland and Clint Robinson for assignment.

I'm not sure I see Strickland being claimed, although the Pirates thought he was worth protecting with a roster spot in the first place, so they must think somebody likes him. He's got that big pitcher's body and fairly good stuff, but he's already 24, an age where you'd like to see results. He may yet blossom as a reliever, but he hasn't happened yet.

Robinson is already 28 and isn't likely to have much of a big-league career, but he's very nice Triple-A depth to have around -- I thought the Pirates really could have used him when they were struggling to hit last May, for example. It would be nice to see him clear waivers and play for Indianapolis.