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Pirates release Opening Day lineup

Joe Robbins

The Pirates have released their lineup for opening day tomorrow against the Cubs. Here it is:

Starling Marte LF
Garrett Jones RF
Andrew McCutchen CF
Pedro Alvarez 3B
Gaby Sanchez 1B
Neil Walker 2B
Russell Martin C
Clint Barmes SS
A.J. Burnett P

The mild surprise -- and I say "mild" because the Pirates have been doing this in their spring training games recently as well -- is that Gaby Sanchez is in the lineup against a righty. David and I just recorded a podcast where we addressed this. We'll see if this is something that just happens once, but my guess is that the Pirates are thinking about playing Sanchez and Jones in the same lineup a fair amount, which would mean that Travis Snider and Jose Tabata won't get much playing time. I'd still like to see Snider get consistent at bats to have a chance to prove himself, even though I'm not as optimistic about his future as I was when the Pirates acquired him. And I don't think there's much upside in playing Sanchez against righties.