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Pirates battle Spain in rematch of 1588 throwdown


Gerrit Cole leads ye olde Pirates against the Spanish in a rematch of the two sides' epic conflict of 1588. The Pirates will be without ace Sir Francis Drake (or "El Draque," as opposing batters called him), who's still on the disabled list with an injury that the team's website describes only as "dead for 400 years." The game will take place at 1:05, unless Cole and his fleet can block the Port of Tampa, destroy naval ships and delay the Spanish invasion.

Here's Spain's WBC roster. There's ... Engel Beltre? Rhiner Cruz? Not many players you've heard of, in any case.

Here's the Pirates' lineup. Ladies and gentlemen, your 2013 Indianapolis Indians!

Darren Ford CF
Felix Pie LF
Gaby Sanchez 3B
Clint Robinson 1B
Jerry Sands RF
Jared Goedert DH
Anderson Hernandez 2B
Ivan DeJesus SS
Carlos Paulino C