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Pirates defeat Spain 10-0, but still probably stink at something Spain is good at, so there


Gerrit Cole struck out the first six batters he faced as the Pirates defeated Spain, 10-0, on Tuesday.

Yes, it was Spain, which is to baseball as the U.S. is to bull-running or fandango or percebes-cooking. Gerrit Cole throws a baseball pretty well, but can he cook a gourmet dish with goose barnacles? Can he play the castanets? No? Then cállate la boca, you arrogant Americans!

Still, it's fun to see Cole dominate that way, and he did it while throwing 94-97 MPH, which is to Gerrit Cole as throwing underhand to a seven-year-old would be to most of us. The rest of the team wasn't bad, either -- the pitching staff as a whole struck out 13 batters and walked two, and Gaby Sanchez, Anderson Hernandez and Jeff Larish all homered. Sanchez went 3-for-3, also adding a double.