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Pirates lose to Twins, 5-4


Ah, spring training -- that time of year when you'll check Gameday and there's a picture of Virgil Vasquez in a Pirates cap, even though Vasquez hasn't pitched in the Pirates organization since 2009 (and, like most former Pirates who are now Twins, wasn't any good as a Pirate anyway), and he's facing Darren Ford in a Mariners hat.

Anyway, the Twins beat the Pirates 5-4. A.J. Burnett pitched 4.2 innings and allowed two runs, striking out three and walking two. With pitchers now stretching out beyond four innings, I'd expect to see some cuts soon, because there just won't be many innings left for the Andy Olivers and Brooks Browns.

(UPDATE: Yep, it sounds like they'll be making cuts early this week.)

Speaking of Oliver, he walked two batters and allowed two runs in the top of the ninth to give the Twins a 5-2 lead. The Pirates scored two in the ninth on a bases-loaded single by Brad Hawpe, but couldn't tie the game.

Ivan DeJesus had his first homer of the spring, and Russell Martin and Travis Snider both doubled.

-P- Chris Leroux pitched for Canada against Mexico in the WBC today, striking out four batters while allowing one run in three innings.

-P- Charlie always enjoys when ballplayers talk like Rickey Henderson.

Burnett on the pickoff: "I know they're going to run on Burnett. I know it." Said team goes over holding runners every day.