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UPDATE: Jerry Sands, not Felix Pie, suspended after climbing into stands in Toledo


Indianapolis outfielder Felix Pie began to climb a wall to fight fans in Toledo last night, according to some (sketchy) reports. Some fans in Toledo had reportedly thrown beers at players, and Pie had enough, so he started to climb into the stands before someone pulled him back. He stayed in the game. Brandon Inge (a longtime Tiger and former Toledo player; Toledo is the Tigers' Triple-A affiliate) gave baseballs to fans as a peace gesture.

A story in the Toledo Blade says that "several" Indianapolis players tried to enter the stands; if that's the case, I'm not sure how all of them could have failed. The report indicates that one fan was throwing peanuts at Inge. Anyway, it seems that something happened in Toledo last night.

UPDATE: Jerry Sands, not Pie, has been suspended for one game for entering the stands. I'm not sure if Pie also entered the stands, but it appears that it was Sands, and not Pie, at the center of this incident.