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Gamethread: Pirates face off against Phillies, rookie Jonathan Pettibone


The standard righty lineup tonight against Jonathan Pettibone and the Phillies:

1. Starling Marte LF
2. Travis Snider RF
3. Andrew McCutchen CF
4. Garrett Jones 1B
5. Neil Walker 2B
6. Pedro Alvarez 3B
7. Russell Martin C
8. Clint Barmes SS
9. A.J. Burnett P

One never knows what's going to actually happen in a single game, of course, but this is a great matchup for the Bucs. Pettibone is making his big-league debut, he's 22, he doesn't have blazing stuff, and he's never shown much indication he's more than a fringe prospect. He does keep the ball on the ground, but that's about all he has going for him. Well, besides a great baseball name, of course.