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Pirates DFA Jonathan Sanchez, promote Bryan Morris

Dilip Vishwanat

A no-brainer. I understood giving Sanchez an opportunity at the start of the season, even though it depressed me and I didn't think it would work. What surprises me is that the Pirates stuck with it as long as they did. And that wasn't a particularly long time, which says a lot about how bad Sanchez was.

So ... five appearances, 13.2 innings, 15 strikeouts, eight walks, seven home runs. The truth is that Sanchez's FB/HR rate of 36.8 percent was totally unsustainable, and if given the chance, he might have settled in and been merely abominable. Fortunately, he won't get that chance.

Morris deserves an extended shot in the majors, but he may only be with the Pirates until Francisco Liriano is officially activated (which would bump Jeanmar Gomez back to the bullpen).