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Gamethread: Pirates start bizarre lineup against Yovani Gallardo


Hey, I appear to be able to post! Here's the lineup for tonight's matchup against Yovani Gallardo and the Brewers.

Starling Marte LF
Jose Tabata RF
Andrew McCutchen CF
Gaby Sanchez 1B
Neil Walker 2B
Russell Martin C
Brandon Inge 3B
Jordy Mercer SS
Wandy Rodriguez P

About this lineup ... let's see. Inge is starting because Pedro Alvarez made a frowny face once on a day when Gallardo was pitching. Tabata is playing right field because he had three hits yesterday. Jordy Mercer is in the lineup, which is fine, but he's batting eighth because who knows why. Gaby Sanchez is starting because Hurdle once accidentally watched Gallardo pitch while looking deeply into the reflection in Inge's sunglasses, and got confused about what hand Gallardo throws with. Perfectly reasonable decisions all! Either that, or there are about eight injuries we don't know about.

By the way, Mercer is here because McDonald is on the disabled list with a strained back. I'm sure he'll be ready to go right around the time that Chase d'Arnaud will return, and the Pirates like having three shortstop gloves in the organization, so it wouldn't shock me if we'd seen the last of McDonald.

Here's hoping this publishes! If not, I'll see you somewhere in the ether.