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Michael McKenry working on throwing


Michael McKenry is working on his throwing by making throws from second to first, the Trib reports:

Pirates backup catcher Michael McKenry made throws from second to first prior to Wednesday's game. “It's just a different throwing technique to help his mechanics,” Hurdle said. “He's a one-position guy right now. Sometimes, you get them out of that mentality behind the plate and put them in a different environment.”

I wonder what to make of that. The silly part of me really wants to see McKenry in a game at second base -- that would be amazing. And then the Pirates could trade for Jon Rauch and put him at shortstop.

Anyway, hopefully the goal here is just to shake things up a bit so that McKenry can reset himself. His throwing has never been particularly good, but this year it's been atrocious, and his game against the Brewers on Monday was the worst one yet.