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Mayo's mock draft has Pirates taking Austin Meadows, D.J. Peterson

Mike Stobe

Keith Law's mock draft from Thursday had the Pirates taking D.J. Peterson and Trey Ball, while leaving outfielder Austin Meadows on the board at No. 9. Jonathan Mayo's has the Pirates taking Meadows at No. 9 and waiting on Peterson at No. 14, which I think sounds a lot better and frankly seems (at least to this outsider) a lot more likely.

Law noted that teams in the top 10 were tending towards safety, which usually means college players. But as Mayo notes, Neal Huntington's Pirates really don't shy away from risk in the early rounds. If the draft plays out as Mayo thinks it will, Meadows will be the top talent left on the board when the Pirates pick. In this scenario, my guess is that they'd pick him, and I'd be pretty happy about it. Meadows is raw, so he really probably is a riskier pick than Peterson, but he's got tons of projection. He's athletic and could develop outstanding power.