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Gamethread: Pirates face off against Jeff Samardzija

Mike McGinnis

Here's the lineup for tonight's 7:05 matchup against Jeff Samardzija and the Cubs:

Starling Marte LF
Travis Snider RF
Andrew McCutchen CF
Garrett Jones 1B
Neil Walker 2B
Russell Martin C
Pedro Alvarez 3B
Jordy Mercer SS
Francisco Liriano P

Pretty awesome lineup, at least offensively.

Hurdle on Samardzija, who dominated the Pirates on Opening Day: "We just need to put other uniforms on, because he only picked up his second win of the season last week, and he had to hit a two-run homer to do it [last week against the Rockies]. He's been nails against us. ... If he comes up with that stuff we saw Opening Day, it's going to be a challenge. Doesn't matter who you are. So the first thought's the most important thought. I'm going to see the ball up, I'm going to get a pitch to hit, and I'm not going to miss it."