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Links: Greg Brown going nuts, Strasburg, Harper, Liriano, Astros

Justin K. Aller

Some off-day links ...

-P- This 93.7 The Fan segment ... well, you just have to hear it. Sometimes, Greg Brown tends to get a little bit excited. (And yes, this is fake.)

-P- I've been enjoying Travis Sawchik's work with the Trib. This piece looks back at Stephen Strasburg's 14-strikeout MLB debut, which came against the Pirates, and wonders about Strasburg's ability to pitch deep into games.

-P- As much fun as it was at the time, Bryce Harper didn't deserve to be ejected yesterday.

-P- Francisco Liriano will likely start on Saturday against the Mets. The Pirates plan for Charlie Morton to have two more rehab starts. The Pirates will decide, at some point, whether to use Jeff Karstens as a starter or as a reliever.

-P- Brian Cartwright (via Matt Bandi) points out that Vic Black has generated 41 misses on 96 swings so far this year. The major-league average is around 20 percent. Black has 28 strikeouts in 17 innings so far this year for Indianapolis.

-P- Joe Posnanski compares the Astros to the 1962 Mets.