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Joel Hanrahan hurt again

Jim Rogash

The former Pirates closer has been diagnosed with a right forearm strain, but he'll have an MRI on Tuesday, and some of the quotes from this article sound ominous:

"Eventually I got to the point where I tried to make a pickoff to first, and the ball barely got there," said Hanrahan. "I threw one more, and I just couldn’t take it anymore." ...

"I’ve never had a feeling like this."

I'd put about even odds on Hanrahan not doing anything of value for the Red Sox this year, unfortunately. How quickly things change. I like to see the Pirates win trades, and that appears to be almost guaranteed in this case. But it's a shame to see them win one because the player they dealt completely fell apart. Hanrahan has already been on the disabled list once this year, with a hamstring injury. He's still had good velocity this year, so maybe this will turn out not to be serious, but I wouldn't count on it, particularly given the results he's gotten so far.