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Pirates announce 10 draft signings


The Pirates have announced the signing of the following 10 players from the 2013 draft.

Name (round) - Position - Affiliate Assignment

Cody Dickson - (4) - LHP -Jamestown

Chad Kuhl (9) - RHP - Jamestown

Beau Wallace (12) - INF - Jamestown

Justin Topa (17) - RHP - Jamestown

Jeff Roy (18) - OF - Jamestown

Brett McKinney (19) - RHP - Jamestown

Adam Landecker (21) - INF - GCL Pirates

Cameron Griffin (23) - LHP - GCL Pirates

Justin Maffei (25) - OF - GCL Pirates

Michael Fransoso - (27) - INF - Jamestown

UPDATE by Charlie: We already knew about some of these signings (Dickson, Kuhl, McKinney), but now we have the affiliations, too. Several of these guys (Topa, McKinney, Landecker, Maffei, Fransoso) are college seniors, so it's no real surprise that they'd sign quickly. Wallace is a community college third baseman from Mississippi, Roy is a junior from the University of Rhode Island, and Griffin is a lefty from Stetson University in Florida. That the Pirates signed Roy and Griffin as late-rounders despite their being juniors may indicate that the Bucs view them as prospects. Without seeing their bonus figures, though, it's hard to know for sure.