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5th-rounder Trae Arbet's deal is above bonus recommendation at $425,000

Jared Wickerham

The Pirates announced yesterday that fifth-rounder Trae Arbet had signed. Jim Callis reports that Arbet's bonus was $425,000:

Pirates 5th-rder Trae Arbet's bonus is $425k. California HS SS, VG athlete & defender, solid runner, could be avg bat.

The bonus value for that pick is $321,400. That the Pirates went $100,000 over is a good indication that they take Arbet, a high school shortstop, fairly seriously as a prospect (and that they had to sign him out of a commitment to San Diego). Baseball America ranked Arbet the No. 113 prospect in the draft.

The Pirates signed fourth-rounder Cody Dickson for about $50,000 below his bonus recommendation, so they're about $50,000 over, based purely on what we know so far. Most of the bonuses for signed picks haven't been reported yet.